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We're opening a dialogue on the things that keep you up late at night. From office culture and team dynamic to client boundaries and competitive pricing... the stuff they don't teach you in design school. Here you'll find unfiltered observations of the industry and links to exclusive resources that will help you survive and thrive in the business of design. 

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3 Things Your Client Probably Doesn't Understand about your Contract.

If you're getting push back from clients about parts of your design and billing process, chances are pretty good that your contract could use some fine tuning. Your contract is your singular point of reference for process, expectations, fees, and all the legal stuff. 

3 Tips for Delivering Bad News to your Clients

Delivering bad news to a client is just as uncomfortable for them as it is for us. Here are 3 tips to help you deliver bad news with confidence. 

Stop Financing Your Client Projects

Get off the credit card hamster wheel and stop chasing your clients for payment to pay for work already performed...

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Support your client agreement with an informative FAQ addendum...

Markup and Margin Table

Your mark up is not the same as your Profit Margin. This quick guide will explain...

Intro to Processes and Procedures

Getting Started with Processes and Procedures

Sales & Sourcing Tips

Leading with the best design solutions and respecting your client's expectations. 

Vetting New Clients

Tips for identifying signs of a mis-match...

Tips for Hiring New Team Members

How to find the right people for the job...

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